snom ONE : ONE IP telephone system
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snom ONE IP telephony system (ONE free, ONE yellow, ONE blue)

snom ONE IP telephony system (ONE free, ONE yellow, ONE blue)

Berlin. snom technology AG, leading German developer and manufacturer of SIP devices, today announced the addition of IP-PBXs to its product range, with the launch of the new IP PBX snom ONE. snom ONE will provide customers with an IP telephony system which supports all the functionalities of snom IP phones.

snom ONE is the result of thorough field tests and optimisation activities, taken out on the market. It is available in 3 versions: snom ONE free (downloadable free of charge for up to 10 extensions) and the two resale systems snom ONE yellow (for up to 20 extensions) and snom ONE blue (unlimited number of extensions and multi tenant up to 5 companies). All versions offer the same features and only differ on the maximum supported quantity of extensions.

„In the past we’ve experienced problems with customers missing out on some of the key features delivered by our phones, due to the installed IP-PBX systems,“ explains Jonathan Greenwood, snom ONE Product Manager and Managing Director of snom UK Ltd. „With snom ONE, our customers can continue to install and run our VoIP phones on every SIP based PBX, whilst having additional access to a series of easy to install telephony systems, perfectly tailored to our phones. This is our response to the many compelling requests by resellers and users in recent years.”

The snom ONE is being showcased at the Convergence Summit South 2010 from the 5-6 October at Sandown Park Esher Surrey. The new IP-PBX systems are available immediately.


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