RoA (Radio over Asterisk) & RoABSD

Radio over Asterisk - RoARadio over Asterisk (RoA) ist eine Software die den Radio Empfang digitalisiert und mit der Asterisk iPBX verbindet.

Mit der RoA Schnittstelle lassen sich Analog Audio Verbindungen  im Full-/Half-Duplex Modus am Serial oder Parallel Port mit dem Radio Empfänger verbinden.

Die Bauanleitung der Radio Schnittstelle für Asterisk findet sich auf der Projekt Hompage. Für ein paar Euro ist das Zubehör über den Elektrogroßhandel zu beziehen.

Bezugsquelle Elektro- & Zubehör:  




– Serial Interface:
The default serial port settings in roa.conf works with the echolink / eqso interface.
RoA provides logic at:
RTS pin(7) Logic high on PTT
DCD pin(1) Logic low on carrier detection

Configuration Notes

See share/roa/roa.conf.template for more information.
Make sure that the modules, and are enabled in etc/asterisk/modules.conf and etc/asterisk/extensions.conf should have a new context like below:

; Example NODE 7890
exten => 7890,1,Answer()
exten => 7890,2,EAGI(roa.agi|patch1)
exten => 7890,3,Hangup

Also edit the configuration file for RoA itself etc/asterisk/roa.conf
ptt Is set off or on for transmitter keying via a logic signal on the IO port (rts pin of the serial port by default)
ptt_tail_time Hold timer to end of tail. 0.8-1.0 is a good starting point for simplex.
callerid and outcall_extension Set both to the nodes number.
carrier_detection Is set to „off“,“on“ for detection via a logic signal on the IO port (dcd pin of the serial port by default) or „audio“ for VOX which is done in software.

radio_control Sets the IO port type and address lines to use, example:

(device_name[ptt,carrierdetection, power]:device)
serial[rts,dcd,dtr]:/dev/ttyS0                                               # COM1 under Linux
serial[rts,dcd,dtr]:/dev/ttyd0                                               # COM1 under FreeBSD
parallel[data0,paperout,autofeed]:/dev/parpot0                # LPT1 under Linux

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